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5 steps to make colonoscopy documentation easier

If your current colonoscopy documentation solution is making everyone’s job harder than it should be, consider what a smarter approach would mean to your clinical team efficiency and effective use of your procedure rooms.

To comply with the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard, the commissions four indicators for safe and appropriate colonoscopies need to be captured for every procedure. Reports need to be submitted and both surgeons and facilities need to comply with quality indicators. It should be easy and automatic. 

Streamlined, intuitive and predictive.  These words are used by surgeons when they talk about using Provation MD. Here’s some of the reasons why:

1.     Standards Based for Consistency

Deep clinical content supporting the was procedures flow and clinicians work with intuitive and predictive content being presented.  Eliminating free form text, reducing the number of clicks by presenting the information in logical flows and enabling accurate, consistent clinical documentation for every case.  

2.     Vendor Neutral – Connect to any Scope 

Provation MD makes connecting with any brand of scope simple.  Changing scopes, deleting scopes and introducing new devices is easy.  Every scope is registered and can be selected with a simple click. 

3.     Document Anywhere

Surgeons are no longer tied to the procedure room to complete documentation.  This can be done from any device, anywhere.  This means that the room can be cleaned and turned over for the next case quickly. 

4.     Share Information with Clinical and Support Systems

Integration with your Patient Administration, Theatre Scheduling and Electronic Medical Record system means that information entered once, automatically populates procedural documentation. Details are consistent and there is no double entry of information. Reports and discharge summaries automatically populate your EMR and can be given to patients, referring GPs and other relevant entities.

5.     Happier and More Productive Surgical Teams

Your surgeons and nursing team are your greatest asset. Help them perform at their best. Give your teams a holistic view of each procedure and their lists for each session while automating their repetitive tasks. With up-to-date MBS codes linked to the way each surgeon works, nothing slips through the cracks.

If you want more from your endoscopy suites, it’s time to explore new options. With Provation, brought to Australia and New Zealand by Wilhelm as your solution partner, your business can deliver a consistent, seamless experience for your surgeons and surgical support teams.  See how much easier customer service can be.

 Talk to us about how we can support your facility.  Our local team of experts can help you define a solution that meets your needs today and to scale as your needs change in the future.