AirFRAME - Infection Prevention and Control

- Single Large Diffuser (SLD)

Bringing Cleanroom Technology to the Operating Room

AirFRAME® (SLD) provides the following:

  1. Downward unidirectional clean air at a consistent air velocity over the sterile field via its patented SLD technology, same as used in pharmaceutical and semiconductor cleanrooms
  2. Better performance compared to the traditional air delivery systems within ORs – Multi Diffuser Array (MDA) and 4-way Throw Diffuser (4TD) – at removing both microbes and contaminants from the OR
  3. A cleaner environment at the operating and instrument tables
Designed Zero


Modular, SLD system that provides HEPA filtered air while directing airborne particles and contaminants away from the sterile field and improving clinical outcomes.

Accepted Australian air quality standards = ISO class 7 with <10 CFU/m³. AirFRAME (SLD) achieves well below this at 3 CFU/m³, while the other ORs exceeded the accepted value. (Please refer to graphs on left for details). This indicates AirFRAME has 80% fewer microbes compared to 4TD and MDA operating rooms.

AirFRAME can be integrated with Wilhelm’s Indigo-Clean (continuous visible-light disinfection) solution to further enhance your infection prevention and control (IPC) strategy.