Chad Wilhelm

Managing Director
Chad Wilhelm has 16 years of healthcare market and management experience. He maintains a confident, engaged and inspired leadership presence within Wilhelm Integrated Solutions. His theoretical and technical acumen allow him to effectively lead the team in collective problem solving and promote engineered solutions to satisfy all stakeholders. Chad leads a team that provides consultancy, design, implementation, training and support in OR, ICU and ED facilities. Chad has played a lead role in enabling businesses to achieve outstanding growth through the development and management of innovative product solutions. He is adept at negotiating and managing manufacturing agreements for products that are suitable for the Australian market. He also spent over 8 years at Stryker where he was a National Manager. He has successfully managed and delivered many multi-million dollar projects throughout Australia and New Zealand and he is considered one of the leading experts on theatre integration in Australia and has introduced many innovative products and technologies to for both public and private customers. Chad has a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance and Marketing.