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Changing the future of the Cath Lab environment

Our mission to improve the standard of health in Australia and New Zealand has us constantly on the lookout for innovative healthcare technology that delivers substantial improvements in clinician and patient safety.

One of those innovations is Rampart. We’re seeing great interest down under since we introduced Rampart to the market. Interventionalists are experiencing a new way to work. No more lead aprons.

Recently we’ve talked about Queenslands’ The Prince Charles Hospital being the first hospital to introduce Rampart in Australia and have talked about Interventionalists being able to return to work using Rampart following debilitating disk injuries. 

Here are 6 key reasons why Rampart is transforming the entire landscape of Cath Labs and will change the future of radiation protection forever:

More mobility, zero isolation

With so much dexterity required to perform interventional procedures, the freedom to move, see, and communicate with your team in already crowded Cath Labs is critical.

Instead of isolating the interventionalist, and, in doing so, limiting their movement, separating them from their team, Rampart was built to provide them with more mobility, greater vision, and an easier way to deliver expert care. 

More variability

With its fully and independently adjustable lead equivalent acrylic panels, Rampart offers solutions for a variety of situations.

It provides multiple vascular access points, including radial, femoral, and pedal. It adjusts for height and width variations to easily accommodate the team and the patient. Together with its unique quick-setup design and convenient storability, Rampart proves to be efficient in emergent situations and allows for an overall smaller cath lab footprint.

Extended Protection

Compared to the 0.5mm lead equivalent found in standard lead aprons, Rampart places a 1mm lead equivalent between you and the scatter radiation.

It’s Ramparts’ extended coverage system—protecting the entire body of the doctor, and their technician—that truly gives it an advantage over traditional aprons. 

No more aprons

The facts are clear: 60% of IC’s suffer from work-related back issues. With hour after hour spent in crowded Cath Labs working under the weight of heavy lead aprons, the problem is equally clear too. 

Enter Rampart: an entirely new way to work that gives superior protection without the need for debilitating aprons.

Longer careers

The long-term detrimental effects of wearing lead aprons are well documented. With Rampart, interventionalists and their techs can finally look forward to the potential for longer careers—ones with less pain, less fatigue and less work-days missed. 

Greater coverage area

Traditional lead aprons are designed to provide protection from shoulder to knee. Through its innovative design, Ramparts’ superior protection is extended outside of lead aprons’ traditional coverage area.  

Want to know how easy it is to introduce Rampart into your facility then contact the Wilhelm team here.