Equipment Transfer System (ETS)

Clare Loveday, Active Nurse Manager, Critical Care – St George Hospital

Equipment Transfer System (ETS) is designed to be fully compatible with pendants, roll stands and various types of beds. The ETS permits easy transport of operative equipment by patients with minimal staff assistance. With our ETS in your healthcare facility, you may effortlessly transport the patient throughout the hospital, across elevator thresholds and around hallway corners. Furthermore, the implementation of ETS eliminates lifting that was once necessary for staff to transfer IV pumps.

From the OR to the ICU

  • The ETS allows easy transport of equipment that is in operative use by a patient throughout the hospital with minimal staff.
  • Can be effortlessly moved by one nurse from the service console in the OR to the patient bed for transportation to the ICU.
  • Can be custom-built to your specific pump size.
  • Can handle up to 8 IV pumps. IV Pump Holder mounts to pendants, a roll stand or any bed for easy transportation.
  • No lifting required.
  • Service Console has 340° rotation.
  • Quiet Operation: Utilise the lifting mechanism of the bed to transfer the IV rack to the console.
  • Sturdy Construction: Remains sturdy when transported through the hospital, in elevators and around hallway corners.
  • Applications: ED, Trauma, Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units.

Cord Wrap

  • Alleviates potential safety hazards for staff and patients.
  • Allows for easy transport of the IV rack throughout the healthcare facility.

Foot Pedals

  • Step on the foot pedal to raise or lower the ETS roll stand to desired height

Sturdy Construction

  • Remains sturdy when transported through the hospital, in elevators, and around hallway corners
  • High end wheels allow clinicians to easily transport the roll stand

Infection Control

  • Top cap and bottom cap designed to be easily cleaned for infection control purposes