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Evolution Healthcare sets the benchmark for exceptional patient care in New Zealand hospitals

Healthcare provider Evolution continues its commitment to delivering the ultimate in-patient safety through the adoption of a range of infection prevention and control solutions from leading ANZ healthcare technology company, Wilhelm Integrated Solutions.

In 2020, Grace Hospital in Tauranga, Evolutions joint venture with Southern Cross, was the first hospital in New Zealand to install Wilhelm’s AirFRAME Clean Room system into an operating room (OR). Providing HEPA filtered air that is 1000 times cleaner than conventional OR’s, AirFRAME substantially reduces the risk of surgical site infections (SSI’s), is installed faster than a conventional Operating Room ventilation system and its modular design allows for simple integration of a variety of OR technologies. Wilhelm is now in the process of installing AirFRAME into two additional theatres at Grace Hospital; to Evolutions Royston hospital and Royston Day Surgery in Hastings and to its Wakefield Hospital in Wellington.

Wilhelm AirFRAME

Evolution Healthcare welcomes the innovative technology into the Groups comprehensive hospitals. Sue Channon, Chief Executive Officer, Evolution Healthcare, said “We are committed to providing superior healthcare services for all people in our care. Investing in medical technologies such as Wilhelm’s AirFRAME and Indigo-Clean means our patients, staff, and doctors are in some of the safest and cleanest operating theatres available when it comes to infection prevention and control.”

To provide even greater protection from infection, Evolution Healthcare is also adding Wilhelm’s’ Indigo-Clean solution into its facilities. Indigo-Clean is a ground-breaking lighting solution that continuously disinfects the air and surfaces in an operating room and is safe for staff and patients. Indigo-Clean is proven to reduce SSI’s by 73% and can kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19. It also kills a wide range of micro-organisms including MRSA and Norovirus. Evolutions’ facilities will be the only hospitals in New Zealand to have both AirFRAME and Indigo-Clean to deliver this high standard of patient care.

“With the significant developments across our Group we will see AirFRAME and Indigo-Clean installed across many of our comprehensive hospitals including our current hospital redevelopments, Wakefield Hospital in Wellington and Royston Day Surgery in Hawke’s Bay,”

Evolution Healthcare is committed to providing New Zealanders with the safest and most contemporary hospital environments possible” says Ms Channon.

Wilhelm indigo-clean
Wilhelm indigo-clean

According to Wilhelm Sales Director, Chris Elliot “Since our first installation last year, we’ve been particularly impressed at Evolutions commitment to providing the ultimate in-patient safety. With our solutions at the forefront of infection control technology, we’re excited to be playing our part to support Evolution Healthcare in the achievement of their goals”.

In addition to these systems, Evolution Healthcare has plans to install Wilhelm’s 4K Caresyntax digital health solution and pendants and lights into the two new theatres to be commissioned at Grace Hospital in February 2022.

“The modular nature of the Wilhelm products means there are numerous ways in which we can continue support the Evolution Healthcare team to set new standards in patient safety in New Zealand, said Mr Elliot. We look forward to working with them now and in the future”.