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How does your hospital manage and fight infections?

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s) are the most common complication for hospital patients in Australia, with approximately 165,000 cases annually. These infections, which can occur in any healthcare setting, cause unnecessary pain and suffering for the patient, prolong hospital stays and add to the cost of care. 

The practice of monitoring and reporting HAI incidents (HAI Surveillance), enabling  hospitals to evaluate their current practices, observe outcomes, deliver feedback to staff and implement HAI prevention strategies has led to improved practices. However, when it comes to disinfection, most hospitals in Australia continue to rely on tried and tested manual disinfection methods and the use of innovation technologies to augment the cleaning practices is limited. 

Given all the technology that exists in our hospitals, it makes you wonder why so many are still reliant on traditional methods, when the benefits of adding these new technology solutions are so compelling?

We’ve previously highlighted some of the costs associated with Healthcare Associated Infections and how they can be significantly reduced through the adoption of technologies like Indigo-CleanNexus hospitals and Evolution Healthcare are two leading groups who are innovating through technology with Wilhelm. 

Wilhelm has assembled some of the worlds leading infection prevention and control technologies as part of our growing stable of healthcare technology solutions. Since the advent of COVID-19, we’re starting to see more and more interest with people searching for better solutions. Here’s a short summary of the innovation available in Australia and New Zealand today.


Wilhelm AirFRAME

AirFRAME is a modular, single large diffuser system that provides HEPA filtered air while directing airborne particles and contaminants away from the sterile field and improving clinical outcomes. It is prefabricated in design, built and tested in a factory controlled environment. AIRFRAME provides a single point of connection for lighting, imaging equipment and pendants. It dramatically reduces the timeline for construction, installing in 1/6 of the time of conventional OR ceiling systems, fast tracking to a revenue generating OR. 


Wilhelm Indigo Clean

Indigo-Clean is a continuous environmental disinfection technology. Replacing normal lighting, it is a ceiling light fixture that uses safe visible light to disinfect. It automatically, safely and continuously kills harmful bacteria in the air and on hard and soft surfaces. 

Indigo-Clean is proven to reduce SSI’’s by 73% and can kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19 and kills a wide range of micro-organisms including Staphylococcal Aureus (incl. MRSA) and C.diff


Wilhelm Surfacide

The Surfacide UVC-Disinfection system is proven to kill Influenza, Staph, fungus, mould, bacteria, viruses and a multitude of drug resistant organisms with 99.9999% confidence. Emitting UV-C energy,, through a process of laser mapping, all high touch surfaces within the room are disinfected. Depending on the size of the room, the process can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. 


Wilhelm uvenclosure

uvenclosure is built to supplement manual cleaning and disinfection for non-critical portable and reusable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, gurneys, IV-poles anc computer workstations. With a 60 second cycle time, it is digitally integrated to ensure adherence, tracking and repeatability 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all just how vulnerable workplaces and public spaces can be to infection. This comes on top of the challenges facilities already faced managing Healthcare Associated and Surgical Site Infections (HAI’s and SSI’s). 

If there was ever a time to re-examine existing manual disinfection methods and move to a superior technology solution, the time is now.

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