iCE30m LED Surgical Lights

The multi-colour iCE30m surgical light is designed for superior shadow control and optimum light intensity, along with offering diverse colour temperatures to accurately differentiate between tissues.


Superior multi-colour LED lights (3,500K-5,000K) at a maximum brightness of 160,000 lux

Turn light ON and OFF with capacitive touch smart handle

Adjust light BRIGHTNESS with capacitive touch smart handle

  • Automated Emergency Back-up – ensures your light will work all the time, every time
  • Laminar flow openings – allowing for surgical smoke to arise above the field
  • Eco friendly and Long Lasting – min 50,000 hours
  • Exceptional shadow control
  • Easy to Control – lighthead and wall control panels are provided
  • Coolest Endoscopy Light – for minimally invasive surgery
  • Focusable Light Pattern – 193mm – 305mm