The Problem:

Current environmental disinfection methods are applied at discrete moments in time (ie.episodically). The results of achieving a “clean room” are short-lived as harmful bacteria re-populate the space.
White disinfection mode

The Solution:

Indigo-Clean offers a solution that continuously disinfects the environment and bolsters your current infection prevention efforts.

Indigo-Clean, a Continuous Environmental Disinfection Technology:
Indigo disinfection mode

How it works

  1. The 405nm emitted from Indigo-Clean reflects off of walls and surfaces, penetrating harmful micro-organisms
  2. The light targets naturally occurring molecules called porphyrins that exist inside bacteria. The light is absorbed and the excited molecules produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) inside the cell
  3. 405nm creates a chemical reaction inside the cell, similar to the effects of bleach
  4. The Reactive Oxygen Species inactivates the bacteria, preventing it from re-populating the space
Indigo Clean - Visible Light Safety Zone
Indigo disinfection mode

Who is using Indigo-Clean

Indigo Clean at Henderson Hospital

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Application: Operating Rooms, C-Section and Triage Rooms

Indigo Clean at Henderson OSC

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Application: Operating Rooms, C-Section and Triage Rooms

Indigo Clean at Holy Family Memorial Hospital

Location: Manitowac, WI
Application: Operating Rooms

Indigo Clean at Maury Regional Medical Center

Location: Columbia, TN
Application: Operating Rooms

Indigo Clean at Spring Valley Hospital

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Application: Hybrid Cardiac Suite

Indigo Clean at New Century Spine & Outpatient Surgical Institute

Location: Paramus, NJ
Application: Operating Rooms, C-Section and Triage Rooms

Indigo Clean at ASC of Spartanburg

Location: Spartanburg, SC
Application: Operating Room

73% SSI Reduction Translates into Compelling ROI

Clinical testing has shown Indigo-Clean can achieve a continuous 70+ percent reduction of harmful bacteria in the environment. At the same time, recently published studies show that improved environmental hygiene compliance can reduce HAI rates by up to 32% for certain organisms.
These results, combined with the additional cost per patient due to HAI, suggest that preventing even a single infection would create a positive ROI and drive down costs for healthcare providers.

What does Indigo-Clean Kill?

ESKAPE Pathogens:

  • Enterococcus faecalis
  • Staphylococcal Aureus (incl. MRSA)
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Acinetobacter baumannii
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Enterobacter species

As well as a range of other organisms:

  • C.diff
  • VRE
  • Aspergillus niger
  • E.coli
  • Salmonella enteritidis


Kills 70% of C.diff in 24 hours – SGS Lab Report# – 09S17053798

Clinical Efficacy

Maury Regional Medical Centre OR

A 12 month study conducted by Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia, Tennessee, showed a 73% reduction in SSIs (surgical site infections) over the previous year in the operating room where the Indigo‑Clean Continuous Environmental Disinfection system was installed. Study results also showed an 85% reduction in baceria in the operating room where Indigo‑Clean was used.

Learn more about Indigo‑Clean’s impressive 2.2 month payback and compelling ROI.

Oct 2015 – Oct 2016Oct 2016 – Oct 2017
Room# of Cases# of SSI# of Cases# of SSISSI ChangeBacterial Reduction
OR 2
(with Indigo‑Clean)
778118503<= -73%<= -85%
OR 3
(Distant Control)
75168097>= +17%Not Measured
American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) publishes peer reviewed study on the reduction of SSIs resulting from the use of visible-light disinfection.

Clinical/Lab Evidence

The Clinical / Laboratory Evidence page is a collection of informational documents and research findings that either report directly on the effectiveness of the Indigo-Clean technology, or support the importance of a clean environment and the ultimate goal of reducing Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Clinical Studies

Shining A Light on Continuous Disinfection
A Revolutionary New Way to Battle HAIs
Maury Reduced SSI With Continuous Environmental Disinfection

Peer Reviewed Articles

Influence of a visible-light continuous environmental disinfection system…


Antimicrobial Activity
Microbial Load on Environmental Surfaces
Environmental Decontamination

Indigo-Clean White Papers

Reducing SSI Through Improved Environmental Hygiene
Indigo-Clean Publication List
Bactericidal Performance Testing of Indigo-Clean Upon Bacterial Species

Impressive ROI
3-4 Months Payback

In addition to providing clinically effective care for their patients, healthcare facilities are also concerned with controlling costs. Indigo‑Clean is an ideal solution in the fight to control the rising health care costs associated with Surgical Site Infections (SSIs). The one‑time capital purchase of Indigo‑Clean by a facility is easily offset by preventing a single SSI.

Indigo Clean ROI
Please refer to “Clinical Studies – Maury Reduced SSI With Continuous Environmental Disinfection” case study – click here

Indigo-Clean Literature

Continuous Environmental Disinfection for Surgical Suites
Comparison Chart
Indigo-Clean Compared to Other Solutions