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Pictured: Left: Exec VP, Global Bus Dev, Rampart Matt Lemay; Centre: Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Rustem Dautov; Right: Radiographer, Jim Crowhurst

Rampart radiation protection technology – a first for Australia

In a first for Australia, Metro North Health’s The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) has introduced new radiation protection technology to safeguard cardiologists from potentially harmful radiation while performing lifesaving procedures.

The innovative Rampart radiation protection technology, brought to Australia by Wilhelm Integrated Solutions, has been installed into the hospital’s cardiac catheter laboratory where interventional cardiologists perform around 4,000 procedures each year, including approximately 1,000 percutaneous coronary interventions.

Not only does Rampart provide clinicians with greater radiation protection, it also means that clinicians can now perform complex procedures safely without the need to wear lead aprons.

Until now, interventional cardiologists have relied on lead aprons as the accepted practice to protect themselves from harmful radiation.  Aprons only offer partial protection, and can be heavy to wear, particularly during long procedures.

Prince Charles Hospital Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Rustem Dautov, who has worked collaboratively with Metro North Health to introduce the innovative technology after seeing prominent US interventionalist Dr Stéphane Rinfret, using the technology, is excited about what the new the technology will mean for clinical practice at TPCH.  

“As Queensland’s leading cardiac hospital, The Prince Charles Hospital performs many interventional cardiac procedures each year, so will benefit greatly from the new Rampart technology which offers our clinicians greater protection and more comfort,” Dr Rustem Dautov said.  

The introduction of the Rampart technology was not the first interaction Metro North has had with Wilhelm who previously installed a hybrid operating theatre at TPCH in 2020.

“We pride ourselves on the ongoing commitment we have to introduce our customers to the latest in healthcare technology” said Chad Wilhelm, Managing Director, Wilhelm Integrated Solutions. “We were excited to once again work with the team at The Prince Charles Hospital and Metro North Health to deliver this world first technology.

Rampart is a fully adjustable and portable system that provides full-bodied radiation protection. it also gives interventionalists multiple vascular access points, including right radial, bi-lateral femoral and bi-lateral pedal. Its flexible design could potentially accommodate new procedures in the future.

“We have no doubt that hospitals across Australia and New Zealand will want to follow The Prince Charles Hospital’s lead to improve the conditions for interventionalists in their facilities and enable them to ‘shed the lead’.