You are currently viewing SA’s Lyell McEwen Hospital – first patient lift in a Resus Bay in Australia

SA’s Lyell McEwen Hospital – first patient lift in a Resus Bay in Australia

Nurses and caregivers in both hospitals and residential care facilities suffer one of the highest levels of work-related back injuries compared to any other profession, accounting for over 70% of all injuries in the nursing profession.  

It’s therefore no surprise we’re seeing more and more hospitals employing Patient Lift Pendants (PLP’s) to reduce the potential for manual handling injuries. 

In an Australian first, Adelaide’s Lyell McEwin Hospital has installed a PLP from Wilhelm into a Resus Bay to enable the ease of movement of patients in this critical care environment. 

Using technology to reduce the number of staff required for activities such as patient movements has become even more important since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, given that there are often less resources due to COVID-19 protocols or in fact due to staff absenteeism due to COVID, as we have seen at other hospitals, like Sydney’s Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital

PLP’s provide for the safe movement of patients, generally with only 2 staff – where previously this can require up to 8 people. 

We applaud the Lyell McEwen team for the introduction of the patient lift for the first time in a Resus Bay.  No doubt this introduction will be appreciated by those who use it every day. 

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