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Trouble hearing in the Cath Lab?

The requirement for increased mask wearing has created additional communication challenges in the noisy Cath Lab environment. Old tech such as speakers and PTT microphones used to communicate between doctors, nurses and technicians in the lab and the radiographers and techs in the control room can be unreliable and often result in raised voices and frustration as people struggle to be heard. 

The study: Heart Rhythm Society Expert Consensus Statement on Electrophysiology Laboratory Standards: Process, Protocols, Equipment, Personnel and Safety acknowledges that for laboratory designs that employ a separate control room there may be difficulties in the use of communication systems that link the operator in the procedure room to the control room staff. It goes on to state that the use of wireless headsets is a favourable solution, which broadcasts spoken words directly to the headphone users, with simultaneous talk paths open as needed. Whatever system is selected it should be high fidelity, spectrum friendly and encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. 

The Carrot C-com system offers the best in interventional lab communication. This ‘medical grade’ solution allows you to communicate through walls and in environments with significant background noise and often with less people in the lab. Importantly, it doesn’t interfere with other systems and uses frequency hopping technology to secure patient information. 

Carrot C-Com has been introduced into a number of facilities in Australia and New Zealand. According to Dr Rajeev Pathak, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at The Canberra Hospital “The Carrot C-com is a lifesaver. It helps our communication enormously and maintains a calm and quiet working environment for clinicians and our patients. Communication is made clear and concise and allows us to keep everyone engaged and attentive”.

“Frustration in the Cath Lab has significantly decreased. I’d highly recommend it for all hybrid/lab environments”, said Dr Pathak.

Dr Morton Kern, Clinical Editor, Pacific Cardiovascular Associates Inc shares the view on improving communication in the lab. He states “where is there the most room to improve efficiency in the lab? I believe it is in communication. Better communication will improve efficiency between and among all team members”.

Carrot C-com is available exclusively through Wilhelm in Australia and New Zealand and can be introduced for a trial period. Contact us to see how easily Carrot C-com can be implemented to your Lab.