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UV-C reduces coronavirus on hard surfaces by 99.999% in 5 minutes

As far back as 1878, scientists discovered UV-C could effectively be used in infection prevention and control through the eradication of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and spores, including influenza and staphylococcus. Since this time, the use of artificially created UV-C has become a more common method of disinfection in medical environments.

In the fight against drug-resistant organisms for infection prevention and control, the use of a relatively new commercial disinfection system called Surfacide emerged, with a proven log 5 reduction of coronavirus in just 5 minutes. This means 99.999% reduction or reduced to ‘’undetectable levels’’. Note this does not replace the need for good cleaning practices, it is a proven adjunct to a whole room disinfection system.

Consequently, Surfacide is growing in popularity as a disinfection solution for hospitals around the world as well as for other areas where there is a need to focus on infection prevention including quarantine hotels and facilities, aged care residences, sporting facilities, public transport, offices, schools, food processing facilities, tourism and hospitality venues.

Tests demonstrate the radiation in UV-C disrupts the structure of the virus’ genetic material and renders the virus inactive. Published in the “Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology” Journal, by Kurt Bedell et al, the evidence supported the use of an automated triple emitter whole room UV-C disinfection to inactivate MERS – a type of coronavirus.

The UV-C’s DNA-altering properties means it is very effective at killing bacteria and eliminating virus left behind in the manual cleaning process. UV-C should not be used in an occupied room so equipment must be operated by trained professionals in a controlled environment. UV-C cannot penetrate glass or any other wall surface.  Excellent safety measures in the form of motion and vibration sensors are built into the system to prevent any accidental contamination.

If your facility or office could benefit from having a superior dry disinfection system namely Surfacide please contact the Wilhelm team for advice.